Piotr Fil


morning in the deep forest!

I wanted to hear what extent it would be okay to use your image?

hi, if you mean the ones tagged as /mine then you can use them for your own personal reasons but please don’t post anything without credit if you’d be so kind. ty <3 and if you meant anything on this blog in general, they’re mostly not mine so i hold no rights to them but i would urge you not to use anything without any type of consent from the original aritst or photographer. xo

what’s up (:

so i’m pretty backed up on submissions, but from now on, any submissions that don’t have tags on them are getting deleted. it might sound harsh but i get a lot of them and i don’t have time to tag them all myself. all you need to do is check the boxes that apply to your photo, and the most important tag of all is the “submission” tag.

thanks for listening and i hope everyone is doing okay in these troubling times. <3


Who do you have left? Who do you have left? Who do you have left? Who do you have left?


be different


A dreary Saturday