New Study Says The North Pole Will Be Complete…

New Study Says The North Pole Will Be Completely Ice-Free In Summer Before 2050, Even If We Curb Carbon Emissions:

It is estimated that the world has a remaining carbon budget of around 1,000 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide, meaning that this is the absolute limit to our future emissions if we want to prevent a 2°C rise in global temperatures compared to pre-industrial levels. Yet after analyzing more than 40 different climate models, the study authors found that the Arctic will sometimes be ice-free in summer even if we stick to this budget.

“If we reduce global emissions rapidly and substantially, and thus keep global warming below 2°C relative to preindustrial levels, Arctic sea ice will nevertheless likely disappear occasionally in summer even before 2050. This really surprised us,” said study author Dirk Notz, from the University of Hamburg in Germany, in a statement.