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Can you tag your anons as "not rain"?

Of course! I normally do I just forgot this time. Sorry about that! 

I think your post about voting was insightful and helpful. What stupidity for that anon to say people won't vote if you reblog a simple post about it. If they don't vote it's because they were never going to, not because you re-blogged something on Tumblr. As if this is the first time someone has said go vote, has that anon ever read any history, there's been marches and riots and protests and wars fought based on who people want to see in office. Give me a break. Def go vote!!!

Thank you!! People have been pushing others to vote since it was invented! It’s not just a tumblr thing. 

It pisses me off when people are like “yOu CaN’t PoSt ThIs On YoUr BlOg ThAt BeLoNgS tO yOu BeCaUsE i DoN’t LiKe It”. 

That PSA you posted is only going to dissuade people from voting period. Just FYI. If you’re going to post political things, don’t insult other’s political opinions. It’s that sort of passive aggression that stopped people voting in 2016. Yes, people should vote but there are better ways to encourage them to do so.

If people are dissuaded from voting over a few posts about voting then they’re taking for granted their right to vote and that’s not my problem, it’s theirs. I can post whatever I want. It’s MY blog not anyone elses. If you don’t like it the unfollow button is easy to find lmao

On that note, GO VOTE!!! We need a leader that actually has the peoples best interests at heart unlike our current one.

Your blog is really calming and helps with my anxiety before class and after work. Thank you! 💙 -sincerely, a public administration student

I’m glad I could help! The whole reason I made this blog was to help me with my own anxiety. I’m glad to know it helps others as well 🙂 

Sorry it took me so long to reply. When I got this message I was still in my wrist brace and couldn’t type easily. My wrist finally doesn’t hurt when I type a lot yay!

I love you and your blog!!💙🌩⛈🌧

I love you too anon!!! I’m so glad you enjoy my blog ❤❤

Love this blog! Just realized it makes me think of the song Like Real People Do by Hozier

That is the best compliment I’ve ever received. I strive to be an ancient fae like Hozier everyday. Thank you so much.

I’m glad you like my blog!! ❤

first anon again: thank you so much for responding and deleting the post! i know you said you didnt read it as an attack, but i just want to clarify for others who may be concerned that i definitely didnt mean it to be an attack. i was just trying to clarify if all trans people are welcome here. thank you again for deleting the post in question! ❤️

No problem!! I appreciate you letting me know! ❤ I try very hard to always be a safe space for my fellow LGBTQ+ peeps but sometimes things slip by. I am non-binary so of course all trans people and people of other genders are welcome here!! 

And if there happen to be any followers that disagree with that the unfollow button is pretty easy to find lol

The previous anon didn't have to be rude to you. People just don't know how to be civil online without attacking someone it seems. Your blog is my favorite and I think you're a beautiful person and I will always support and defend you 💙

Aww! Thank you!! ❤ I personally didn’t see it as an attack but I really appreciate the readiness to defend ❤❤❤ I’m so glad you enjoy this blog!!!

hey! for the sake of clarification: the rain gif you reblogged from monstercat-stims has a banner saying its "transmed safe." did you not notice that/not know what it means, or are you a transmed?

I definitely am not!! I didn’t even see that on there. Thank you for pointing it out!! This is what happens when I queue stuff half asleep x.x



I only use it to retweet/reply to YouTubers and sometimes my friends lol