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‘I’m profoundly sad, I feel guilty’: scientists reveal their personal fears about the climate crisis: undefined

Climate crisis cutting short Australia’s winters and extending summers:

“If it feels like Australian summers are getting longer and hotter, that is probably because they are,” the report said. “The summers many Australians grew up with no longer exist.”

Over the past two decades, summer was on average a month longer than it was in the mid-20th century. The report said temperatures that “marked the start of summer now come around two weeks earlier”, and “temperatures that marked the end of summer now come around two weeks later”. 

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Australia’s climate stance is inflicting criminal damage on humanity | Ian Dunlop and David Spratt:

As the global influence of western democracies wanes with the ascendancy of China, India and other emerging countries, the resulting power struggle is diverting attention from the great issues the world faces, to their symptoms.

The neoliberal market economy, with its unregulated consumption and rapacious short-term outlook, is destroying modern civilisation. The warning signs are obvious, not least burgeoning high-consuming populations, massive biodiversity loss and multiple resource scarcities. Yet rather than reform an unsustainable system, political leaders scramble to prop it up and compound the problem. The result is Brexit, Trump’s Mexican wall, escalating Middle East tension, the US-China trade standoff, a global arms and space race, Amazon deforestation and much more.

Zero recognition that we are experiencing a climate crisis.

Extreme weather has damaged nearly half Australia’s marine ecosystems since 2011: undefined