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As Australia Burns, a Climate-Change Denier Rallies the Troops:

Mr. Kelly prefers pugilism. He argues that the fires are no worse than in the past, that arsonists and socialists are to blame for the blazes, that coal is winning, that Arctic ice is not melting — and that those who disagree are no better than the censors in Orwell’s “1984.”

Russia grabs Arctic chunk as US denies climate change:

They are still talking about fossil fuel extraction, and climate change, in the same breath.  The guy’s right about the denialism though. Spot on.

The Wall Street Journal Still Treats Climate Change as “Opinion”, And This Practice Needs to Stop:


Right now, at some of the most widely-read media outlets in the world, climate denial is being peddled as just another point of view.

Nowhere is this truer than at The Wall Street Journal  (WSJ), which hosts an editorial section absolutely overrun with unsubstantiated opinions and gross misrepresentations of climate science.

For years, the WSJ has run opinion piece after opinion piece, questioning the reality of anthropogenic climate change. Too often, these “opinions” are written by authors with strong ties to the fossil fuel industry.

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Research out of Yale Law School suggests that when people form their opinions on contentious topics such as climate change or evolution, political or religious values trump knowledge of the subject.

80 Percent of Climate Denier Blogs Reference This One Canadian Zoologist:


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