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To give you an idea of the extent of the flooding at Grand Bahama from Dorian’s storm surge.

Opinion | A Climate of Flooding:

The main cause of the floods is extreme rain. The 12-month period ending in May was the wettest 12 months over the 124 years for which the federal government has data. And the reason that we’re suffering from more extreme rain appears to be climate change.

Warm air can carry more water than cold air. Gabriel Vecchi, a Princeton researcher, compares warmer air to a bigger bucket: It can carry more water from oceans and then dump that water on land. Since the early 1980s, as the earth has warmed, the number of extreme rainstorms has risen by more than a third.

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The Midwest’s flooding crisis is a terrifying preview of climate impacts to come:

In a statement Friday, Gov. Pete Ricketts ® said, “Nebraska has experienced historic flooding and extreme weather in nearly every region of the state.”

Nebraska is experiencing its worst flooding in half a century. At least three people are dead after several major rivers in the state rose to record levels. The Missouri, Platte, and Elkhorn rivers all crested over the weekend to record-shattering levels in the aftermath of last week’s “bomb cyclone” — a massive weather event that brought high-speed winds, snow, and heavy rain to the region.

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