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24-hour log off protest


So because I’m against the new rules that Tumblr is trying to establish and basically kick out the biggest part of its community – I joining the 24-hour log off the protest and I encourage you to do so as well.

Please do consider that some people literally earn their living this way and I’m not talking about cursed porn bots. No matter how big of a meme it has become that Tumblr users hate Tumblr – for the longest time it was the only platform that made it so easy to create a community for outcasts like us.

Even if you are not NSFW blog – this may indirectly affect you too. It’s a censorship on something that was previously allowed. It’s a broken flag system that is flagging CAT MEMES by accident.

It’s not the NSFW stuff we need to get rid off, staff!
It’s bots, paedophiles and Nazis and other extremists and if you think that banning NSFW stuff is gonna get rid of those too then… Do you even know how to run a website?

>Don’t delete your accounts
>Inform your followers
>Don’t interact on Tumblr and log off on December 17 2018



Hey guys! I will be taking part of the boycott tomorrow and WILL NOT be posting. Queues will be turned off at midnight and my blogs will be silent until Tuesday. Posts will resume as normal on Tuesday 🙂 



Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish followers!

can you follow me?

can you follow me?

This is a side blog so I can’t follow people back on this blog! Sorry :/



Just a heads up!

I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday so any asks sent over the next couple days/week might be replied to slowly because I don’t know how often I’ll be on. However there’re enough posts queued up for the next 20 days so there will still be daily posts!!

The Great Bot Purge 2018







Tumblr is in an epidemic. The porn bot apocalypse is here. And it’s really, really, really, really, really annoying. Even more annoying than me saying really five times in a row because let’s face it:

  • To check more video, clcik here.
  • Click here to find onenight stands
  • For more more private stuff, come here.
  • Looking for fun? Join me here.
  • Howdy guy, more private stuff here.
  • Howdy bro, my profile here.

Lately the probability of finding a comment like this in the notes has gone up from 100% to a 10000% and it’s seriously impacting our user experience.

I have been here since 2010, @staff. Started out as wolf blog and in 2012 I used to share my poetry and made eight super good friends to which I am still talking today! But now what?

It’s pretty safe to say that there are a number of bot networks active on this website. The one asking for bitcoin and the aforementioned ‘looking for fun’ one for example. The bots follow a pattern and because it’s a network it should be easy to roll up.

I know we always point at @staff to fix this, but honestly, it’s not an easy fix. I know many people block bots, but do we also report and flag them? How does staff respond to flags?

Anyway, here is what I and 10,000 other people who started following this blog over the last 24 hours propose:

We purge the bots. The porn bots. All of them. This is going to be one big COORDINATED effort to destroy the bots!

For one month we are going to report and flag those blogs, and make sure we cut their profits so they don’t make enough money to support their bot network.

It’s very important that we do this as a community. This is a movement. Everyone has to join so we can limit the outcome of this battle to only two possibilities:

  1. We win this battle
  2. @staff really doesn’t give a shit

Let’s go get them! Join the army @purgethebots

This is war. Let’s FIGHT! Follow @purgethebots and turn on notifications to help destroy the p*rn bots 

Viva la revolution!

For the sake of our notes, please boost this.

Yus! Destroy the bots!!

Count me in.

Your blog is so great for my anxiety and calme…

Your blog is so great for my anxiety and calmed me down in mins so thank you

I’m so glad!! The reason I made this blog in the first place was to help with my anxiety. I’m glad to know it’s helping others!!

your blog is very good 👌👌👌👌

your blog is very good 👌👌👌👌

Thank you!!! 



I have a lot of lightning gifs coming up over the next few days so keep an eye out! 🙂

Have a happy day!

Have a happy day!

Thank you very much!! You too! 😀