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If you have missed your state’s primary already? This would be a good time to plan for voting in the general election in November. Make sure you’re registered now.

Also, if your state has early voting (or sometimes it’s just called vote by mail) available, consider taking advantage of it even if you can physically get to the polls. I’ve been mailing in my California ballots for years – it’s more convenient and less stressful for me, and it means I’m not contributing to long lines at my local polling place.

(Also – as of my March 7 reblog, Warren is out of the race as well.)


if you don’t know when election day is, search “when are the primary elections in [insert your state here]” or check local news. Many states have already had primaries, but the primaries won’t end across the U.S. until June.

if you don’t know how to register to vote, search “voter registration [insert your state here]” and you’ll be brought to a website where you can register online. some states need you to register a certain amount of time in advance, some states allow you to register on the day of the election at the polling place. you’ll need state, federal, or tribal ID, OR proof of residence (for example, an electricity bill that has your name and address on it). the election judges will guide you through the process.

if you don’t know where to vote, search “what is my voting precinct” or “where is my polling place.” there are lots of websites dedicated to helping you find out where you can vote — you provide them with your zip code and address and they’ll give you the address of the polling location. often, when you register, you’ll get a letter in the mail/e-mail confirming you’re registered and they may have your polling place in that letter.

if you can’t physically get to the polls there are options. early voting, where you can mail in a ballot before election day, is one. search “early voting [insert your state here]” for more information. you can ride in a voter’s carpool, an initiative to help people get to their polling places who otherwise don’t have access due to lack of transportation. search “drive to the polls [insert your state here]” to see if there are people available to drive you to the polls. Some ridesharing services like Lyft are offering discounted or in some cases free rides to the polls.

if you don’t know which candidate to vote for, search “[candidate name] on the issues” for each one and decide for yourself which candidate you agree with the most. good sources of candidate information are the candidates’ individual websites, or newspaper’s websites like The New York Times. be wary of overly partisan websites giving false information. as of today, March 4th, 2020, Bernie Sanders, Joseph Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Tulsi Gabbard are the candidates for the Democratic presidential nominee. all other candidates have dropped out of the race.

if you don’t know how to make a molotov cocktail, take a glass bottle filled with a high-proof alcoholic liquid or other flammable liquids and stick a piece of cloth made of natural fibers in the opening, so the rag is half-soaking in the liquid. close the bottle opening somehow, then use a lighter to set the rag on fire. then throw it at whatever you want to set on fire.


my point here is that you either need to vote, or actually start throwing molotovs at your local congressmen. get off of your phone.


i know you’re like. radical anarchist guillotine whatever the hells and youre online saying shit like “voting changes nothing and will not bring the heads of ur oppressors.” and like ok maybe the revolution isn’t happening at the polls but the revolution DEFINITELY isnt happening on twitter lol.


did yall vote


If you’re safely able to vote and do not vote for whoever the Democratic nominee is in November, you are every bit as culpable as any of those motherfuckers wearing the “Make America Great Again” hats, if Trump gets re-elected.

You’ll be every bit as guilty of the horrors that follow as every Baby Boomer who won’t stop listening to Fox News.

You will be every bit as responsible for the people who are going to die if Trump gets elected for another four years.

You’re not morally superior, or protesting or whatever the hell your rationale is.

If the “89″ in “hotmeat89″ is a birth year, and toastportent’s bio says he’s 22, then you were both old enough to vote in the LAST election, too.

How did that work out for you? Have you learned NOTHING?

We have been fucking telling you since the middle of 2016 that you need to vote for whoever the Democratic nominee is, because America has a two-party system – it sucks, but that’s the reality of the situation – and because throwing your vote away does NOTHING USEFUL.

It’s the height of privilege and selfishness to think you have the luxury of not voting, because you think YOU can survive another 4 years under Trump.

Plenty of people can’t.

You’re not even trying to take your toys and go home. If you don’t get your way, you’d rather smash the board.

People are dying. Children are dying.

Fucking vote.


It’s not a matter of “Oh boo boo this Democrat isn’t exactly what I want cause I don’t like some of what he says”

It’s literally about “you vote for trump and continue to make this country unsafe for every single person that isn’t trump and his immediate friend circle”

You vote for the Democrat because the Democrat isn’t trump.

You vote for the Democrat because the Democrat isn’t one of trumps friends and/or bought out by him and his friends.

You vote for the Democrat because they were not the party that condoned and supported a man thay actively put people and children in cages.

You vote for the Democrat because the Democrat isn’t going to do any more damage than Trump already did.

You vote for the Democrat because not voting means one more chance of a vote against trump being taken away.

You vote because your lack of vote doesn’t affect trump in any negative way and gives him a better chance of winning.

You vote for the Democrat because if you don’t then we get 4 more years of a dictator-type man who gives so little care and value to human life that isn’t his own thay he plays with dictators and spends most of his time playing golf on taxpayer money.

You vote for a the Democrat because the last one to get impeached did so because he had consensual sex, whereas our current president didn’t get impeached and he’s touched women sexually without their consent and got off because he has friends in high places and is using his wealth to get away with whatever he wants.

You vote for trhe Democrat because it’s not a matter of oh this Democrat doesn’t really vibe with my morals. You vote because it’s either you do or we risk 4 more years of a man with little restraint who will only get more and more bold and do worse and worse things than he’s already done and no one is safe from that kind of impulsive and selfish behaviour.

Do we let trump stay and only get worse or do we chance a Democrat that isn’t exactly an angel in your eyes?

I would think the choice is obvious. Vote.


This isn’t a normal situation. Vote.


i don’t know how to explain to you that “[he] at the least may be against locking children in cages” is not how a normal human being judges morality


If you do this you are fucking stupid. Biden is (marginally) better than trump. He will at least play along with progressives and at the least may be against locking children in cages.




Also people of that age group are more likely to be working retail and “entry level” jobs wich dont give weekends off.

Litterally the reason i couldnt vote in the primaries this past saturday (and i didnt realize until it was too late for an absentee ballot) If your job requires weekends think ahead get an absentee ballot as soon as possible


not to mention that you have to be registered to vote specifically on campus, and a lot of people don’t realize this until it’s too late to do anything about it


This directly correlates with the fact that many college campuses had only one polling place, often with faulty machines and hours-long lines. Many times, it is not that young people do not vote, but that their votes are actively suppressed.


You kids want bernie but, as always, don’t show up

FYI that’s 64% of 45yrs old & older who showed up and more than likely voted for biden. Pathetic



Another hand washing guide this one made by the UK National Health Service (it’s by every sink in every hospital in the uk)

alcohol based handsanitizer is good in a pinch if you’re out and about and don’t have good soap and a sink

use the same thorough method as washing to apply the sanitizer

Remember to be careful around door handles and other suchlike that a lot of ppl make contact with, avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth, or broken skin, and avoid eating with your hands unless you’ve just washed em

Most masks are useless and surgical masks become unsafe as soon as they’re damp (from your breath or outside contamination) because stuff can get through the fabric, think about it youre holding a damp rag to ya face and possibly touching it to ur nose and mouth, there’s no evidence that they’re effective outside a hospital environment where there’s a steady temperature and a supply of fresh clean masks so making sure you wash properly is the best way to avoid catching viruses

The more ppl get infected and the longer a virus can stick around the greater the chance for dangerous mutations so keeping clean is essential for protecting everyone

The longest period someone’s been incubating the covid-19 (spreading it without any symptoms to indecate they have it) has been 27 days as far as I know so don’t just wash when you’re somewhere that you’re worried you might catch it get into the habit of good disease prevention hygiene


heads up: if you have rude things to say to people who didn’t know the information you do, please keep it to yourself. we learn through teaching, not through shame.

any comments about how people dying of covid-19 is due to poor hygiene is getting blocked. washing your hands is to protect not only yourself, but other people who are at infinitely more risk of dying from the virus than you, much like how people who don’t get vaccines aren’t the ones dying from preventable disease, it’s the ones who CAN’T get vaccines who have it spread to them. those people’s immune systems can’t take a vaccine in the first place.


here’s a handy chart on the best practices for hand washing! a large part of people don’t do it correctly and it’s not always life or death, but with the incredibly infectious nature of COVID-19 it doesn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with the proper way to do it!


handwashing can dramatically lower the risk of contracting coronavirus because it’s an enveloped virus, it’s specifically surrounded in a lipid (fat) and the majority of soaps are designed to break up grease and fat bonds which means if you break up that outer layer? the virus dies! it’s not super hardy without that outer layer, so washing your hands beyond just physically removing the virus, kills it as well if you use soap.


we have until March guys lets goooo


hey guys let’s not lose the mbta

(you can sign a petition from the american bird conservancy here!)


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