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Late next week a bit of troughing appears with some limited severe chances probably (but it’s May so that’s not a bad thing) then on the other side of that trough, models saying pattern is ugh. Drought gonna drought. Great weather for most, bad if you need rain in some way.

Amazing lighting show in North Beach, Western Australia

Photo Credit: Chris White Media

Lightning meets power transformer…

#Supercell #thunderstorm north of Wagon Mound, #NewMexico. August 2017.

A bit of desert #lightning. 🌵 ⛈ #Arizona #thunderstorm #stormchasing #monsoon #stormy #badweather

Katie, OK EF4 Tornado. May 9, 2016.

Evening instability ⛈🌩⚡️

Some disagreement still on how cold it may or may not get this next weekend into early week. But, no disagreement whatsoever with models on the likelihood we see zero or close to zero precip over the next 10 days. Drought gets stronger and stronger 🤭😰😬

This July supercell was pretty electric back in 2016 in the Texas Panhandle. Had one lightning bolt go over us and strike behind. One of my greatest fears, definitely am a chicken when it comes to lightning typically!

Our next interesting weather is potentially about a week away. Some cold temps drug down by a storm system. Interesting things to watch are timing: GFS is way faster on arrival (and way colder). Also need to watch for potential winter precip. Lots of disagreement there too.