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A fine solstice to you all. 

Mount Elbrus, Russia

Avalanche made its way down into a parking lot and building location. Amazing video

Source: Unknown

FOX59 News:
“There may be record snowfall in Indy, but some neighboring cities didn’t get much at all. This aerial shot from a FOX59 viewer shows just how sporadic the snow storm was this weekend.”

All I can say is this is an amazing photo of nature.

Anyone ready for Spring/Summer weather? I am

Now this is from my home state, a snow storm swept through the area causing low visibility. Several cars and semis were not driving the responsible speeds for slick roads. One fatality was recorded in this wreck sadly, this is a time lapse of the wreck.

Source: Iowa Dot

Near Conway, Missouri, I-44 pileup that shut the interstate down. One death was reported from this terrible wreck. Be safe.

Unknown source

Nebraska is dealing with icy roadways that caught these truckers off guard.

Only In Canada ( Facebook)

“This guy used a flame thrower to clear snow off of his driveway 😂”

It worked, let’s see how slick it’ll be in a couple of hours.

This is crazy, -53 °C in Yakutsk, Siberia, Russia


A January rainbow in Tampa Bay, Florida

Photo Credit: Daniel Coleman